Warm Up
Dynamic Warm Up, then
EMOM 6 Mins
-3 EB Hang Cluster
-3 Sit up to Straddle
-3 Strict TTB

Athlete's Choice

A. Clean and Jerk Jerk
E2MO2M 16 mins
Clean + Split Jerk + Split Jerk (rebounding the second jerk without resetting)
Build in weight

B. 18.2, whether you like it or not
12 mins to complete
DB Squat (50/35)
Bar facing burpee
In remaining time find 1RM Clean

C. Accessory
Superset #1
3x10 DB Bench
3x10 DB Row

Superset #2
3x10 Javelin Press
3x5 Weighted Chin Up

***If you're doing 18.2 for the open, use part A to warm up your CLEAN ONLY***