Warm Up
Dynamic warm up, then
EMOM 6 Minutes
-3 EB Cluster
-3 Situp to Straddle
-3 Divebomber Push Up

Athlete's choice

If you're doing the open, move on to part B. 

A. Choose your own adventure - OLY or POWER
E2MO2M 16 mins (8 sets)
-Snatch Triples (you can reset; does not need to be TnG); increase weight
-Pause Front Squat Triples; increase weight

B. Open WOD 18.5
AMRAP 7 mins
Thrusters (100/65)
C2B Pull Ups

C. Gymnasty
EMOM 10 mins (alternate)
1 - 50 Ft HS Walk (sub: weighted static OH hold and walk)
2 - 10 strict ring dip

D. Accessorize wit dis
5x3 Legless Rope Climb (scale w/ legs; rope pull to standing)
5x10 Weighted Push Up