Warm Up
Dynamic warm up then EMOM 6 mins
-3 EB Top Down DL
-3 Situp to Straddle
-Alt: 3 DB Push Press / 3 Kip Swing

Athlete's Choice

If you're doing 18.4, warm up your DL and HSPU and get started when you're ready. If you're not...

A. Pull Pull Pull
E2MO2M 10 mins
-3 Legless Rope Climbs
*scale to w/ legs, pull from floor

B. Push Push Push
EMOM 10 mins
-3 Push Press
Increase weight each set

C. This will hurt
AMRAP 20 mins
-Row 250m
-15 KBS (70/53)
-10 Toes to Bar
-5 Front Squat (205/145)*
*Front squats from the FLOOR

D. Accessory
-3x10/leg unweighted single leg hip thrust  
-3x10 DB bicep curl (SWOLE, BROS)