Warm Up:
3 min Jump Rope/ DU/ DU Practice
10 ankle circles each direction
DNB: bear crawl, crab walk, duck walk, alligator walk w/plate, over-unders, karaoke
3 X's big, bigger, biggest controlled kip swings
3X's Box Jump corse to lateral zig zag 

Mob: 4-5 mins
2 min Oly Wall Squat
1 min banded bottom of the squat hold
Squat magic both sides

Gymnastic Skills:
3 Rounds
8-10 Strict TTB Scale Knee to elbow
10-12 GHD sit ups Scale- only go half way back
10-12 pistols Scale- ROM or Cossack squat
1 min plank  

4 rounds
:40 sec max effort Burpees to 6" target :20 sec rest
Scale- Burpees (no target)