Great effort this past week, tons of PR's! Our next cycle begins today. This six week long cycle will focus on maintaining absolute strength, test aerobic abilities and build gymnastic/bodyweight strength and skills. 


Warm Up:
Short lap then Long lap then Short lap
10 spiderman push ups
:30 Arch Hold on rig

Mob: 4-5 mins
Choose which will benefit todays movements either, ankle or hip mobility
LAX Ball smashing, bands .etc..

A) Bench Press 3X5 @75%
B) Split Squat 3X8/leg Max DB weight in each arm w/ good reps
C) Rx- Build to 1RM Weighted Pull Up
    Scale- Max attempt scaled pull up (least amount of assistisanc )

5X's DNB Prowler Push
(bulid heavy)