Warm Up: 
Short lap, then
High Knees Up
Butt Kicks Back
Side Shuffle UpnBack
Walking Lung w/Samson UpnBack

Mob: Posterior chain smash, Psoas surfing; anything else that may be calling your attention!

WORK. We FBBin It Up:
A. Kang Squats (Good Morning into a Squat)
    3x10, 7-8RPE
B. Back Rack TnG Step Downs
    3x5 each leg, 7-8RPE
C. Staggered Stance DLs
    3x8 each leg, 2020 Tempo

20 T2B
12 Burpees
20 Air Squats
48 DUs

i. Foot Elevated SL Banded Glute Bridge
  3x8 each leg
ii. :15 OHS
    3x5, 7-8RPE at 555 Tempo
iii. SA Seated Arnold Press w/ KB Front Rack Hold
     3x8 each arm (8-9 RPE)