Warm Up:
Long Lap Then 3 Rounds
10 Quadraped Hip Extension/each leg
:30 Forearm Plank
10 Side Plank Reach Unders
10 Scap Pushups

Mob: Foam roll posterior shoulder, serratus, triceps

Strength/Conditioning: Upper Body: Shoulders, Bis, Tris (8-9RPE)
A. 3x8 Rear Delt Row (BB, elbows out!)
B. 3x8 Standing BB Curl (Elbows travel back with flexion)
C. 3x8 BB Lying Triceps Ext (Lower bar by bending elbows. As bar nears head, move elbows slightly back just enough to allow bar to clear around curvature of head. Extend arms. As bar clears head, reposition elbows to their former position until arms are fully extended.)

5 Burpees
7 Jump Squats
9 T2B

Repeat of Week One, compare to 5/9