10 Quadruped Hip Ext/per side
:30 Forearm Plank
10 Side Plank Rotations/per side
10 Jefferson Curls (with any KB/DB/BB)

Foam roll quads and posterior chain, banded hips and shoulders distraction.

A. Backsquat 32X1 Maintain strict tempo, increasing weight with decreasing set of reps: 6,6,5,5,4
B. I:  3 Sets, rest 1:00 between
        DB Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT) Split Squat 20X1, 6-8/Leg
    II: 3 Sets, rest 1:00 between
        Strict Ring Pullup 2X11
C. I.  3 Sets, rest 1:00 between
        SA Cross-Body SL RDL 2011, 6-8/Leg
    II. 3 Sets, rest 1:00 between
        SA DB Press 2112, 6-8/Arm
D. 15:00 AMRAP
    Prowler (50/90) Down
    5 Renegade Rows (choose moderate DB weight)
    5 Strict T2B
    :20 Wall-Facing HS Hold