Warm Up
Dynamic warm up then
EMOM 8 mins
-3 EB Snatch Balance
-3 Situp to Straddle
-3 Divebomber Push Up

Roll everything, Lax ball lats and shoulders, calf stretch on wall/rig

A. C+J Madness - Total of 18 mins
-EMOM 6 mins - Clean Pull + Full Clean --> Increasing weight to today's max
-Rest 1 min and rack the bar
-EMOM 6 mins - Split Jerk --> Increasing weight to today's max
-Rest 1 min and unrack the bar
-EMOM 4 mins - Clean and Jerk

B. Gymnasty
- EMOM 10 mins
   -Odd - 4/3 strict Ring Muscle Up (sub pull up/dip)
   -Even - One gym-length HS walk (sub :40 hold)

C. GO (Modified Mainsite WOD)
-AMRAP 20 mins
-Run short lap
-20 GHD Sit Ups
-15 Pull Up
-10 OHS (115/85)
*If GHD is occupied, switch order, just make sure you do them before running again

D. Accessory
3x Superset
 - Alternating Single Arm DB Bench Press x 8 (per arm)
 - Alternating Single Arm DB Bicep Curl x 8 (per arm)