Warm Up
Dynamic warm up, then EMOM 6 mins
-3 EB Hang Squat Snatch
-3 Strict Toes to Bar
-4 T-Push Up

Banded shoulder, banded hamstring, foam roll all the things, lax ball your external hips

A. Angrily Pick Up Heavy Things
 3-5 mins to warm up squat clean, then EMOM 10 mins - Squat Clean Doubles
   -Rx - Men start at 135, women start at 95
   -Men add 10# per min women add 5# per min
   -If you miss a rep, drop 10/5# and stay there for duration of workout

B. Superset #1 - PUSH
3x8 (per side) DB Z Press, 7-8 RPE
   -3x8 BB Glute Bridge (from floor) - BUTT POWAAAHHHH!!!!

C. WOD #1 - AmandaPanda
   Muscle Up (sub pull ups + dips)
   Squat Snatch (135/95) - Sub power snatches/cleans if you're not comfortable w/ squat snatches
  Time cap TBD

D. Superset#2 - PULL
3x5 Weighted Pull Ups
   -3x8 DB Romanian Deadlift (7-8 RPE)

E. Quick and Dirty Burner
E2MO2M 10 mins
  -Row 100m, max burpees with remaining time
  -Rest during second minute