Warm Up x2:
Short Lap
5 Inchworm Walk-Outs
10 Pushups
15 Banded Squats
20 Jump Lunges (10 each leg)

Mob: Roll Quads, Posterior Chain; LAX ball smash pecs and shoulders; PVC pass throughs and halos, OHS

A. DB Snatch Complex: go light, there's lotsa volume (25-35lbs)
     5xs each side:  SA DB Squat Snatch + Sott's Press + Turkish Getup + Sott's Press
Motions of this complex: perform a squat snatch, stay in the bottom squat position; perform a Sott's press, then stand up, maintaining the DB over head, for the Turkish Getup; reverse the Getup from standing back to the ground, supine, then raise up into a squat to finish the last Sott's press. Repeat the complex 5xs each side!
B. Bro Sesh Quad Squats For Hypertrophy I: go light, there's lotsa tension (6-7 RPE)
5x8 Time Under Tension Front Squats
To perform: Take a slightly narrower stance in the front rack position, then take a 3 count to drop to the bottom of the squat and a 3 count to raise back up, never coming to full extension at the top, but completing the rep with a slight "dip" of the hips (think: position of a standing dip-drive for a push press)
C. Bro Sesh Quad Squats For Hypertrophy II: go light, there's lotsa tension (6-7PRE)
    3x1:00 Iso-Bulgarian Split Squats, each leg
To perform: With a foot on the bench and DBs in the hands, drop into a split squat AND HOLD IT DOWN THERE, for a whole goddamn minute. Repeat 3 times, each leg. AIIIIEEEEEE.
9:00, :50 Work, :10 rest
    Ring Rows
    Hanging Leg Raises