Reminder: Saturday 3PM sessions are open gym style (a coach may not be in attendance)

Warm Up
EMOM 8 Mins
Min 1 - NJ Ave Sprint
Min 2 - 3 EB Hang Squat Snatch, 3 Superman, 3 Divebomber Push Up

Banded shoulder distraction
Lax ball between scap/spine, smash out thoracic spine, move arm up overhead, towards opposite hip
Sumo Squat

Push Press
Work to Today's 1-rep heavy


Run 800 meters with a 25-lb. plate
Then, 14 rounds of:
5 strict pull-ups
4 burpee box jumps, 24-in. box
3 cleans (185/125)
Then, run 800 meters with a 25-lb. plate

Time cap 35 mins

**If you need to scale pull ups, scale to BANDS, not kipping...keep it strict**
***For the cleans, power or squat is acceptable. These should be tough, but three in a row should be completely do-able for the first half of the workout. ***