Warm Up
Short Lap
Then 4 min Tabata
Alternate V-ups to Arch hollow on bar
Then: PVC Burgener Warm Up

2 min each side Posterior Shoulder smash w/ LAX Ball
10 cat/ cows  

15 min Build to a solid set Power Snatch X3

Short lap
20 Heavy Russian KBS 70/53,
10 Strict HSPU *Scale:Off Box or seated DB press*. Rest 1:00 min between sets

**Post WOD 12 reverse hand (fingers point to knees) Cat/ Cows- pausing at top and bottom of the movement**

Comp Training EC:
E2MO2M 12 Mins
    Odd: 2 Power Clean @ 6-7 RPE
    Even: 2 Squat Clean @ 6-7 RPE