Warm Up
Row 500, then:
20 Banded Squats
20 Situps
20 Pyramid Presses, then:
Up and Back
Monster Walks

Mob: Traps, shoulders, lats, HIP HIP HIP QUAD QUAD QUAD

So Much Effing WORK:
A. Superset: 3x10 DB PP (15-20% BW)
                     3x10 DB Squat Jerk (same weight, obvi)
B. The JenniPanda Special, FT:
    Row 100 cal
    150 WB (20/14)
    Row 100 cal
C. 5 RFT:
    10 Ab Wheel
    10 Mountain Climber Lunges (feet to the outside of the hands, each leg = 1/2)
    10 Diamond Pushups
    10 SL Tricep-Bridge Dips (5 each leg)