Warm Up:
500m Row
2 X's:
12 Bootstrappers
10 cossack squats
10 Push up

Banded shoulder distraction on the rig
Calf stretch on the wall

10 min Double Under Practice

Friday the 13th WOD “Bad Medicine” (20/14#)
3 rounds for time
Short Lap with medball
25 wallballs (10/9′)
25 medball cleans
25 OHS with medball

Hold on to the ball throughout the whole WOD. Any rest taken with the ball on the ground is 5 burpees before picking it back up. This includes dropped Wall Balls. Med Ball Cleans will be touch and go from the ground. The ball cannot be rested on another object. During rest, the medicine ball must be held on to by the person the entire WOD. Carrying the ball by the laces or tabs will also result in a 5 burpee penalty.