Warm Up:

Dynamic Up and Back:
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Toy Soldiers
Banded Monster Walks (below the knee)

20 Banded Air Squats (below the knee)
20 situps
20 Arm Circles (10 each direction)
20 Alternating Swimmers

RollQuads, LAX smash pecs and shoulder compartment

Skill and Accessory, Straight Sets (stick with one weight for each exercise)

  1. Clean DL, 5x10 (about 7 RPE)

  2. Muscle Cleans 5x10 (this is a lot of reps, so stay around 7RPE)

  3. OHS 5x10 (perform each set fast, so 6-7RPE)

  4. Good Mornings 5x10 (on the heavier side of 7-8RPE, WITH GOOD FORM)

Conditioning, FQ:
50 Vups
25 Superman-Bananas
50 In-n-Outs
50 Tuck Jumps