Warm up x1

Row 500, then

Up and Back:

Twisting Lunges

Toy Soldiers

Monster Walk


Mob: Foam roll quads, lats and shoulders; LAX smash pecs and subscap.


Lifts: All out POWER

Find your 80% 1RM for each lift and then:

  1. Deadlift 3x5

  2. Backsquat 3x5

  3. Bench Press 3x5

Super sets:

     D. 3x10 GHD Back Extensions

          3x10 Ring Rows



  • For Time  -

50 Situps

Row 250

50 Air Squats

Row 250

2:00 Elbow Plank

Row 250

50 Alt. Leg Glute Bridges (25 each leg)

Row 250