Warmup 2x
200m row
10 OH plate lunges

10 jumping pullups
10 ring dips
5 burpees

Mobility and Lift
What lift did you do last? Check your binder, and move on to the next lift (incl. mobility) in the series: Deadlift, Bench Press, Bent-Over Row, Back Squat, Overhead Press supersetted with Pullups.

NOTE!: the rep scheme will change each time through the lift series (for example, the 'sets x reps' scheme for the first time you deadlift - which is 3x5 - is different than the second - which is 3x3).

10R/10L KB Snatch (24kg/16kg) - All R, then All L (not alternating)
Short Lap
20 Wall Ball
Short Lap