Warm up -
Long Lap
Then 2X:
10X over vault box
10 6' precision jumps (scale as necessary)
10 wall pullups
10 inchworm walkouts to full extension

Squat Magic

Skill: 10:00
Handstands -
Start warmup by holding plank
Then hold plank on backs of hands
Then hold plank on fingertips
Then work holds against the wall, trying to put fingertips against the wall

"DB Shuttle"
3 Rounds for time with a pair of heavy dumbbells-
Start at one end of the gym, sprint to other end and pickup your dumbbells
Run back with dumbbells
Set down dumbbells and sprint to other end of gym
Crawl back to dumbbells
Crawl backwards with dumbbells in each hand, or dragging them, or whatever is necessary to Crawl and get both dumbbell back to the other end.