Warm Up, 2x:
20 One Leg Lateral Bounds (Speed Skating Motion)
10 Hindu Push Ups (Also called Dive Bomber Push Ups)
Down/Back One Legged Broad Jumps (one leg each length)
10 Arm Swapping Slam Ball Push Ups (One hand is on a slam ball, do a push up, on the upward motion, alternate which hand is on the slam ball)

2:00 /side Prone Banded Hamstring Stretch

Skill Training:
15:00 Agility Cone Drills
(Place 5 cones around a center point, the athlete must shuffle to the correct cone, button hook around, drop to the prone, stand up and return to the center. The athlete goes to all 5 points before switching out with another athlete)

Sprint Circuit: Athletes starts on one end of the gym, in the prone, on the command, they sprint to the other side of the gym, do 1 burpee, drop to the floor and sprint back, doing 1 tuck jump. Drop to the prone and repeat this process doing 2 burpees and 2 tuck jumps, then 3 burpees and 3 tuck jumps. This is a single set, athletes may rest between sets, but not during the middle of a set.

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