Warm Up, 2x:
8 Squats (1)/Nova Jumps (2) (Jumping Squat, at the height of the jump, pull heels behind and try to touch bottom of feet with hands
10 Jumping Pull Ups (1)/Strict Pull Ups (2)
6 Ring Dip Negatives (1)/Ring Dips (2)
10 Swinging Leg Precision Jumps

2:00 /side Banded Shoulder Extension and Rotation

Skill Training:
L-Sit to Handstand Transition
Vault Box Pop Up
College Boy Rolls

3x, (Each Set Recorded as its own Time)
20 In and Outs
10 Reverse Hand Push Ups
10 Lateral Box Jumps
10 College Boy Rolls into Dips
2:00 Rest