Warm UP 2X's:
Short Lap or 500m Row
30 sec plank
30 sec wrist stretch
10 boot strappers
5 squats w/ a 5 sec pause @ the bottom. 

Athletes choice & lower leg/ bottom of foot mob to prep for DU's/ Jump Rope

Progress Assessment Week:
NJ Sprint
Short Lap
1 RM Back Squat
Max Push ups in 1 minute
Heavy Rock Carry. Weight/ Distance
500m Row
1RM DeadLift
Max Pull Ups in 1 minute
Long Lap
1 RM Overhead Press
2000m Row
1 RM Bench Press
Max Broad jump toe to heel
Max Box Jump height

3 Rounds: 
6 Turkish Get ups 3 ea side.
30 Double Unders.
10 DB Push Press 45/25#.
Up and Back Bear Crawl