Warm Up:

Dynamic Up and Back:

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Toy Soldiers

Monster Walks


20 Banded Air Squats

20 situps

20 Arm Circles (10 each direction)

20 Alternating Swimmers

Mob: Pole Bully, Banded Shoulder Distraction, Oly Wall Squat

So Many Things, So Much Core:

A. Barbell OHS 5x5 (Heavy-ish, 7-8 RPE, perform with consistent speed)

B. Barbell OH Split Squats 5x5 (Same weight as OHS)

C. Super Sets:

GHD Back Extensions 5x8

Medicine Ball Toss Navasanas 5x20


16:00 AMPRAP, same weight for each exercise:

20 RDL

15 PP

10 Thrusters

5 OH Lunges, each leg