Warm Upx1:

Long Lap

10 Static Split Squats, each leg

20 Situps

1:00 plank

20 Banded Squats

Up and Back Monster Walks


Mob: Foam Roll Quads, Posterior Chain, Lats.


Lifts: Barbell and a Rack, Endurance FTW. Exercises A-C are all performed with the same weight, straight sets.

  1. Pause Front Squats - 5x5 @70% 1RM (6-7 RPE), fast drop down, 3 sec pause at the bottom, explode up.

  2. Front Rack Lunges - 5x5 each leg

  3. Back Rack Split Squats - 5x5 each leg

  4. Good Mornings - 5x5 @ 8-9 RPE (these are heavy!

Conditioning: Burner, For Quality.

50 Barbell Hip Thrusts (NOT Heavy)

50 Single Leg Standing Star Crunches (Each Side, BOOYAKASHA)

50 Ab Mat Situps

50 Squat Jacks