Warm up x1:

Long lap

Up and back: Walking Lunges

                      Toy Soldiers

                      High Knees

                      Butt Kicks

                      Bear Crawl


Foam roll T-spine, lats, & shoulders; standing quad stretch and couch stretch.

Pre-PAW, All Accessory Work!

Supersets, rest 1:00 between sets, all exercises performed at 7-8RPE:

  1. 3x10 JM Press

            3x10 DB HPC

      B.   3x10 DB Back Flys

            3x5 OH Lunges (each leg)

      C.  3x10 DB OH Tricep Extensions

            3x10 DB Shoulder Scarecrows

D. 3x10 Romanian DB Deadlifts

   3x5 DB Static Split Jerks (each leg)


50 Single Leg Bridge Raises (each leg)

50 V-Ups

50 Jump Squats

50 In-n-Outs

25 Standing Single Leg Star Crunches (each leg)

25 T2B