Progress Assessment Week! Tie to check some vitals on the state of our fitness and strength to see how the programming and our applications of it are working. - Please feel free to hit us up with any comments on the programming and whether you enjoyed and benefitted from the 12 Week Power Cycle.

Warm Up


  • Short Lap
  • 12 Lunges
  • 10 Slow Burpees
  • 10 Jumping Pullups
  • Bear Crawl Up and Back


5 Slow Hindu Pushups

Progress Measurement Week

Spend 15:00 to find your current:

  • NJ Ave Sprint Time
  • Short Lap Time
  • Back Squat 1RM
  • 500m Row Time
  • Deadlift 1RM
  • Long Lap Time
  • Overhead Press 1RM
  • 2000m Row Time
  • Benchpress 1RM

Work in order to complete checklist. once complete, work on these skills:

  • Kipping Pullups
  • Double Unders
  • Vaults



4 Supersets:

10 Ab Wheel at max extension

10 DB PP Heavy (should not complete second set unbroken)