Warm Up x 2
Short lap with grapevines every odd segment
10 JPU
5 Slow Hindu Pushups
5 Slow squats
Stalking tiger QM up and back

Wall Hip Flexor Stretch 2 X 1:00 Per Side alternating

Balance beam med ball game (15 min)
knock person off do 3 burpees 
3 games best of 5
elimination style final round 

4 min EMOM:
10 salm ball
acc. burpees
2 min rest 
4 min EMOM 
10 Salm ball 
acc. Box Jumps
2min rest
4 min EMOM 
10 WallBall
acc. burpees
2 min rest
4 min EMOM
10 Wall Ball 
acc. push ups

Compare to 5/15/2015