Park Workout!!

Warm Up


  • Baseball Diamond Fartlek - Jog to 1st sprint to 2nd, run to 3rd sprint home
  • 10 T Pushups
  • 10 Vee Ups
  • 10 Lunges in place to tuck jump (lunge, return, feet together, jump) 


Down dog to up dog 4X, 2 deep breaths each position

Skill: 15:00

Handstands against the fence or in the grass, or cartwheels if comfortable


Slam Ball reverse overhead throws - from the walkway to the fence, 20' inside the gate

Throw the ball overhead backwards, where it lands, do 3 Vee ups with it in your hands and 3 with it between your knees.

Complete 3 trips to the fence and back for time.