Happy Sunday!

Either make up one workout from the week you missed (Did you do "Cindy" yesterday?) or try this one for strength and mobility:

(Please note all images link to their sources for credit - how the web should work!) 

Start with a warm-up, 2 Rounds:

:45 Jump Rope, 8 walking lunges, 8 jump Pullups, 8 inchworm pushups

Wall Hip Flexor Stretch - 1:00 each side with chest low and knee 2" from wall, then 1:00 each side with back knee tight to wall and work chest upright


Pigeon - 1:00 each side "High pigeon" holding your front leg at 90 degrees, then 1:00 each side allowing the foot to go back and trying to place your chest on the ground without losing your back arch


Sun Salutations - 3 Times Through


Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts - Work up to a heavy 5 - 8-6-5-5-5


Yes, we just sighted Men's Fitness - get over it :P

Elbows on box stretch (Lats and Thoracic Spine) 3 sets of 45 seconds. 


3 Sets of 10 jumping or kipping Pullups - focus on extension through the chest

Lateral Hip Raises to activate Glute Medius and relieve tight IT band. Then roll TFL.


Foam Roll Remaining Time  - Try out one of our Primal Fitness Black and Red M80 Rollers!