I'll have the Mobility, with a side of Mobility please.

Warm Up X2

  • Jump Rope 50
  • 10 Slow burpees
  • QM Up and backwards back
  • Slow side QM up and back


Hold bottom of squat position - accumulate 5 minutes

Bonus Mobility

Back Bridges - work progressions up to full bridge for 10 minutes

A Little more mobility 

3 sets of 3 very slow hindu pushups, 4 counts each direction, 4 count hold at each end


Dumbbell Deadlift and Farmer's walks

30% BW each hand, deadlift dumbbells - walk length of gym, set dumbbells down, pick them up walk 2 lengths - 3, etc repeat this ladder until failure. Record highest # lengths. If less than 4, go until a total of 10 lengths have been achieved.

Dessert Mobility

Cool down with downward dog and child's pose, 2X 1:00 each alternating