Warm Up X 2
Jump rope x 100, 12 lunge w/twist, 10 jump pull-ups, 8 inchworm push-ups 

Overhead band lat / tricep stretch

12-15:00 Handstand skill work, emphasis on rolls and cartwheels out of handstand

Partner Challenge
4-6 Rounds Roll Over Sprints - Choose evenly matched pairs
One partner lies on the ground at one end, head facing towards the room
The other partner stands in the middle of the room facing the other partner
On go, the lying partner rolls backwards to their feet then sprints to the opposite end of the room, at the same time, the middle partner backpeddles to the same line.


15:00 for rounds:
15 Wall Ball
10 Sit-Ups
5 DB push-up + 2 rows (15% BW ea. DB)