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Samson Stretch 2:00min ea. 


2 Rounds of
10 P-Trainer MB Goblet Squats
10 OH MB Lunges
10 Prisoner Getups (go from standing, to the floor, and back to standing w/o using your hands)
Bear Crawl (up and back)


3-3-3 Push Press @ 80% 1RM
Rest 1:30 in between sets

3 Rounds For Time:
20 Front Rack BB Lunges (65#/45#) (10 each leg)
10 Handstand Kickups
5 Plank Step ups (on balance beam)

**Plank step ups: Place balance beam in middle of the floor. Have athletes line up facing the beam, in plank position. Athletes will push up from elbows to push-up position, then step up once more, placing both hands on balance beam. They will then bring both hands down, then drop down to their elbows. This is one rep)