Wall Hip Flexor Stretch 2 Min each side, alternating 1 minute per side

  • in the first minute strive for a positive lumbar curve (lengthen and arch) 
  • in the second minute strive to get the chest upright while keeping that positive curve

Foam roll Lats 1 Minute Each Side


2 Rounds
Short Lap
10 Jumping Pullups (or kipping if you're a beast)

20 Inclined pushups, elbows close to sides, biceps supinated*


Precision Jumps

First work squat form on the floor, then tuck jumps landing on balls of feet, finally, do squats on balls of feet on precision trainer.

3 x 10 - Precision Jump - keep chest up, focus on balance and control

Skill Challenge: 

Precision jump, deep squat, stand - go for 8 consecutive without falling or missing the balls of your feet


Workout / Application

8:00 For Rounds:

Broad Jumps length of gym (42 feet) turn,

Inchworms length of gym (no pushup)