All Classes 

- Pec Compartment Smash 2:00min ea.
- 12 Floor Angels (Lay on foam roller so that spine is supported, with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Bend elbows, take hands through rhe same "Wall Angel" motion, keeping elbows as close to the ground as possible)

Warmup (2x)

- 20 Single Arm DB Lunges (Grab one 20-40# DB, and perform 10 normal lunges per leg. Focus on maintaining solid footing and balance)
- 10 Handstand Kickups
- 1:00 side plank (ea. side)


EMOM 16:00min 

Even Minutes (starting @ 0:00)
3 Burpees
4 Push Ball
5 Air Squats

6 KB Swings

Odd Minutes
5 Pushups
6 Wall Balls
7 Tuck Jumps