Hey everybody,

Uh...for realsies?

Uh...for realsies?

I love doing handstands. There are few things a person can do that will immediately impress me. Dropping smooth pick up lines in various languages is one. Especially if they work on someone who didn't understand.Another, is effortlessly busting out a handstand.

I think its awesome.

Admittedly, I could be much better at them than I am. But like most skills, one only gets better by actually doing them. Alllll the time. There's an awesome article you can read here, that describes the various nuances of handstand training. Please take a moment to read it. 

In celebration of our B.O.W.L cycle,  we're going to begin a fun body-weight challenge.

I challenge you all to spend 5 minutes drilling your handstand technique for the next 28 days (ending July 17th). It doesn't matter what you do (the article suggests several great methods), just spend 5 minutes doing something handstand related. 

If you can hold a handstand longer than I can, in 28 days, I will perform an Insano Burpee for every 5 seconds you outlast me. 

No matter what, your handstands will improve. I guarantee it. But if you'd get a kick out of seeing me struggle through something as god-awful as Insano burpees--BRING IT.

Best believe I've started training. Matter of fact, I'm in a handstand right now...

Enjoy your weekends :)






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