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OH Tissue Smash (Foam roller) 2:00min each side


(2x) Long Lap, 20 Air Squats, 50 Double Unders


7:00min Handstand Skill Work - Record max seconds held in position

Tabata Intervals - 16:00 - Score is your lowest rep count for each exercise
Perform each movement for 4:00 minutes, then progress to next exercise.

*Split Squat Complex (Uni Squat, Clean, Press) 
*Split Squat Complex (Other Side)
Plank Pushups
Uni Inchworms

Finish with 100 Double unders and 100 reverse crunches

Split Squat Complex: Stand in Split squat form (front leg fully extended, back leg extended with heel raised). Hold KB at your side, perform split squat. At the top, perform a clean, to get the KB to the front rack position. Press KB from here. Drop hand and KB to your side. Repeat.