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Posterior Chain Smash 2:00min
Shin Smash and Floss


(2x) 10 KB Halos, 10 KB Swings, 10 Spidermans, 10 Samurai Pulls (ea. side)


7:00min MuscleUps Skill Work - Record max unbroken MUs or work on Dip transitions
Tabata Intervals - 16:00 - Score is your lowest rep count for each exercise - Perform each movement for 1:00 minute, then perform next exercise.

4 Rounds of: (A, rest, A, rest) (B, rest, B, rest) (C, rest, C, rest) (D, rest, D, rest)
A) Skater/Pistol Squats (assisted or free)
B) Handstand Kickups to hold
C) DB Step-Ups (20#/10# DB in each hand)
D) Plank Pushups
Finish with 100 Double Unders and 100 reverse crunches