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Pigeon Walk (up &back)
10 Static Curtsey Lunge


(2x) 50 Double-unders (100 jump rope), Bear crawl, Travelling Kongs, 40 Wall Knee drives, Long Lap, 10 Step-ups


"Pushup Punishment Pyramid" 
Do as many as you can:

1 pushup, hold 5 seconds, 2 pushups, hold 5 seconds, 3 pushups, hold 5 seconds...10 pushups...
Record max pushups

3 Rounds For Time of: 
10 Wall Ball
10 *Box Step Overs w/ Plyo Tuck Jump
10 Wall Press Planks
10 Split Squats

Finish with 2nd Attempt at "Pushup Punishment Pyramid"

**Box Step Overs: Perform step-up onto box. Step over and off of box, and perform a tuck jump immediately upon landing.