Our last Pull-up and Deadlift cycle added some new items to our movement tool box, mobilized our pulling apparatus, and focused primarily on the posterior chain. The next cycle, “Push-ups and Squats” takes over where the last one left off, and brings one key muscle group into greater focus: the glute complex.

Have you ever had to sit for hours, then tried to go for a run? Did your lower back start talking to you? Odds are, your glutes were asleep, and weren’t helping to stabilize your hips and core. They need some love and attention, AKA benign punishment. Healthy functioning glutes provide posterior support during ALL of our major lifts: cleans/deadlifts, all squat variants, and any kind of single leg or balance work. Want to increase that squat/deadlift/clean PR? Then you gotta attack those glutes!! All three of ‘em.

In order to enhance glute function, we have to work movements that emphasize heel to ground contact under load. Whenever your heels are on the ground, your glutes are in prime position to DO WORK. The squat, in general, relies on “sitting back into your heels”. Taking that fundamental movement a step further, the “Split Squat” complexifies the squat by adding a balancing component, while being awesome for directly taxing our glutes. With verve. In addition, we’ll also be introducing the “Pistol Squat” and bringing back the...wait for it...yes, that’s right, the “Prowler”. Oh yeah...

Another great feature of this cycle, is that it also focuses on those mirror muscles: abs, quads, and pecs--just in time for summer! So, do you want to get in awesome Crossfit condition AND get beach ready AND set a PR?

Of course you do.

- Joel