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OH Tissue Mob 2:00min each side
Forearm Smash 2:00min each arm

Warmup (Do Mobilization first...Warmup second)

(2x) 10 Step-ups, 12 Wall Angels, 12 lateral lunges (6 each leg), 12 Knees-to-elbows, 12 Wall Ball 


10:00min Muscle-up practice 

For Rounds (20:00min cap):

6 Kipping pull-ups
5 Ring/P-Bar Dips
4 Ring to Chest Pull-ups (Hang from rings, with your feet position on a box. Keeping torso, hips and feet aligned, pull chest to rings. Try to touch your knuckles together as you pull.) 

Finish with:
20 Plank Wall Presses
50 Reverse Crunches