10 Travelling Inchworms, 12 Leg swings (each), 10 Glute Bridges, 10 Handstand kick-ups

All Classes

Hip Capsule Mob 2:00min
Reverse Ballerina 2:00min


Deadlift - Work up to 1 rep MAX in no less than 5 sets (5

(Between DL sets)
25 Mountain climbers
8 OH MB Situps
10 Wall Press Planks

Attempt 1 RM

Hip Capsule Mob: Get in the quadruped position. Shift weight to left knee, extend right foot slightly behind you. Keeping your weight focused on your left hip, sit back into your hip, and crawl your fingers forward until you feel tightness in your left glute. Oscillate as needed, looking for tightness. Repeat on right side. 

Glute Bridge: Lie down on your back, with your feet directly beneath your knees. Pressing from your heels, lift your hips until your shoulders and feet are all that remain on the ground. Gently lower your hips back to your starting position. This is one repetition. 

Wall Press Plank: Position yourself on the ground in front of a wall, in plank position, with your hands beneath your shoulders and both feet together. Squeeze your glutes, pull your belly button inward toward your spine, then lift an arm, and press it against the wall. While continuing to press, lift the other arm, so that both arms are on the wall and off the ground. Slowly, remove the first hand from the wall, then the other, and finally return to your starting plank position. Both hands returning to the ground equals one repetition. Keeping hollow body and reverse crunches in mind, maintain a rigid torso throughout the set.