(2x) 10 MB halos, 10 KB Swings, QM (up & back), 10 Samurai RB Pulls (ea. side), 10 MB Halos

All Classes

OH Tissue Smash (Foam roller) 2:00min each side

DL Setup Practice 10:00min


Perform 3 sets of each of the following movements. 20 - 16 - 8 reps of each.

Single Arm Reverse Lunge DB Thruster (10ea. side)
P-Bar or Ring Dips
DB DL (45#/30#)

Single Arm Reverse Lunge DB Thruster: From a standing position, holding a dumbell in either hand, perform a reverse lunge, while curling the dumbell to a raised position. Simultaneously press the dumbell, while returning to a standing position from the lunge. Use the momentum from the lunge, to propel the dumbell up to the pressed position.