“Throwback Sessions” is designed to make you do work, well, without leaving you bored or broken. We accomplish this by dialing in your technique so that you can attack your wods with greater efficiency. Simultaneously, grinding through HIIT/Tabata type workouts will tax the cardiovascular system, while maximizing your work output over a brief period of time. Consistency is key, and as you learn how to perform quality movements, you WILL evolve accordingly. The aim is not to workout harder, but smarter.

Skill-focused days, as well as the single scheduled “beast up” (i.e. heavy lifting) day at the end of the week, will help you grasp the movements we explore throughout the cycle. Relearning correct movement patterns takes time and consistent practice. The prescribed WODs will get you moving efficiently and mobilizing appropriately, while giving you the room to pinpoint your trouble areas, with the help of Primal's training staff.



(2x) Short lap, 10 Wall Angels, 10 Single arm KB swings (ea.), 10 plank pushups, 100 jump rope

All Classes

Oblique Side Smash 2:00min (each side)
Triple Bully 2:00min (each side)
OH Tissue Smash 2:00min


DL Setup Practice 10:00min

20 Hip Hinge/Good Mornings (45#)
30 KB swings
40 Dowel DLs with Balance tap
50 Reverse Crunches

5  DL (BB/KB/DB)


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