Warmup X 2: 21 KB Swings, 10 T Pushups, 10 Push Ball, 8 Med Ball Rotation Throws

All Classes

Muscle Up skill work:
Advanced (i.e. can do muscle-ups): 5:00 light muscle up skill work for warm-up then 1-3 muscle-ups @ the top of the minute x 10:00

Beginner (i.e. still learning muscle-ups) 15:00 muscle up skill work (5:00 transition drill on box, 5:00 assisted ring dips on box or with bands, 5:00 assisted false grip pull-ups)


15:00 for rounds:
10 push-ups
10 supine knee hugs
10 one-arm hang power snatch ea. arm (30/20#)


Same as above