Every month we feature a Primal client's picture on the home page of our website. Also, we like to ask them a bit about why they come to Primal Fitness. For December, the honor goes to CrossFit connoisseur Kim Kovach. Often seen in the evening classes, Kim has been with Primal Fitness since the summer. We asked her a few questions about Primal Fitness and this is what she had to say.


What do you like most about Primal Fitness?

"I like the WODs, the skill work, the dog, but what I like most is the quality of training I have received. I've gone from hilariously inept to something resembling capable, and in a fairly short period of time, thanks to the instructions and tips from the trainers."

What made you join Primal Fitness?

"I shamelessly shopped around for a CrossFit gym (and oh, do I have opinions), and Primal had/has the best vibe. The trainer for my on-ramp, Ashleigh, was extremely knowledgable, patient (see above, re: being inept) and motivating. Also, the mural is pretty sweet." 

What is your favorite movement/lift and why?

"My favorite movement is the handstands, because the first time I tried to do one I landed on my neck. I've seen a lot of improvement since then! My favorite lift is the back squat, because of booty reasons."

What are your current/planned fitness goals?

"My goals are to achieve greater endurance, flexibility and balance. And to one day do pull ups and muscle ups."

Make sure to congratulate Kim on her achievements thus far and stay tuned for more Primal Fitness client spotlights!