The current cycle will carry us through March 10th with a couple of key focuses along the way. First to note is the repeating structure which is as follows. Monday and Thursday are our squat days., Tuesdays and Thursdays are our olympic lifting days, and Friday is our press day. Knowing this allows us to better prepare and gage the week ahead, even before knowing the specific workouts.


Wednesday is our cardio/longer effort day and Thursday is our double strength day. The reason behind this is that while it is completely necessary to have more than one workout in the same day (a lift then a metcon) there is still something to be said. Sometimes when faced with two workouts we unintentionally give less effort to one for the sake of the other. For example we might back off on the squats for the day because we know up next is thrusters for time and it's going to hurt or vice versa. For this reason we have two days built into to our training, one where we can give 100% effort to moving well and moving for a long time, and one where we can give 100% effort to focusing on technique and building strength.

Repeat WODs

We will see past Open WODs popping up throughout this cycle to help get us ready for the Crossfit Open. These days are also meant to familiarize us with some the standards and movements that are going to be in the Open this year. Use this time to move well, move deliberately, and push outside that comfort zone.

“Stop wishing. Start doing.”