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Unleash your inner superhero!

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Unleash your inner superhero!

About / Adult Classes / Kids Classes / Schedule / Pricing / Meet The Team


Parkour is a training discipline using movements that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners train to increase their ability to move through space by overcoming challenging obstacles.

Parkour develops body awareness, spacial reasoning, strength and power, flexibility and mobility, creativity, and the joy of movement!

American Parkour academy

Primal Fitness is the host of the American Parkour Academy, the world's first purpose-built parkour training center. We strive to improve people’s lives by promoting, teaching, and advancing the discipline of parkour!

APK Academy was opened in 2006 as the world's first parkour gym, and has since helped thousands of people, kids and adults alike, to discover their ability to move and grow!

Check our video about out why we love parkour by clicking here!

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Adult Classes

Adult Classes

                  Adult Parkour Classes           

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Kids Classes

Typical Schedule

The schedule below is subject to change. For the most up-to-date schedule, please see the widget on the left.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • 4:00pm: Kids Parkour, Ages 6-8
  • 5:00pm: Kids Parkour, Ages 8-12
  • 6:00pm: Intro to Parkour Foundations Course
  • 7:00pm: PK Stride
  • 8:00pm: Explore!

Tuesday, Thursday

  • 4:00pm: Kids Parkour, Ages 6-8
  • 5:00pm: Kids Parkour, Ages 8-12
  • 6:00pm: PK Light
  • 7:00pm: PK Stride
  • 8:00pm: Explore!

Saturday - Upper Gym

  • 9:00am: Younger Kids Parkour
  • 10:00am: Younger Kids Parkour
  • 11:00am: Kids Parkour, Ages 6-9, Progressive 8-week course
  • 12:00pm: Kids Parkour, Ages 10-13, Progressive 8-week course
  • 1:00pm: Flips Class, Ages 12+
  • 2:00pm: Open Gym

Saturday - Lower Gym

  • 10:00am: Kids Parkour, Ages 6-9
  • 11:00am: Kids Parkour, Ages 10-13
  • 12:00pm: Ninja Warrior, Ages 6-9
  • 1:00pm: Ninja Warrior, Ages 10-13
  • 2:00pm: Adults Beginner Parkour


  • 11:00am: APK Women's Meet Up (every 2nd Saturday)

***Please also join us for:
-Capoeira at 8pm, every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of the month!
-Grilled chicken and drinks every first Friday of the month!
-A morning nature hike on every second Saturday of the month!


Meet the Team

Meet the Team


   APK Certified Instructor

   Favorite Skill: Dive Rolls

   Hobbies: In his spare time, Pete is a photographer and is responsible for      many of the awesome shots you may see of/around Primal Fitness. He is      also an avid adventurer, having ridden a scooter to the Arctic Circle and a    mototaxi through South America.


   Member of The Tribe and MovNat Certified

   Favorite Skills: Climb-Ups, Strides

   Hobbies: When he is not working for APK, Travis enjoys motorcycle rides      around the city or in the woods. He enjoys reading and spending                  weekends camping and being outdoors.


   APK trainee since 2009 and coach since 2014

   Favorite Skills: Acrobatics, Bouncing

   Hobbies: When not defending his title as Bounce Man 300, Tony likes to      draw and work on fashion design.



She once traveled 2000 miles in search of the best grilled cheese sandwich. For now, though, LaShonda helps our clients from our front desk. She's originally from Alabama, and when she's not here at Primal Fitness, she teaches Physics at Stone Ridge of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, Maryland.


Hobbies: Parkour, West Coast Swing, Capoeira, Tennis, Skiing, Poi, Research, Juggling, and many more. When not working at Primal Fitness, Daniel is researching at the national archives, translating Russian, and supporting a small media company. He considers his best life decision to be quitting his full-time office job to pursue the things he loves.












Mark's diverse background ranges from Theater Design to Engineering, Information Technology, and being a registered Stockbroker. Mark has lived overseas and traveled all over the world.  Mark is dedicated full time to Parkour and CrossFit, splitting responsibilities as founder of, owner and trainer at the world's first Parkour gym, Primal Fitness, and manager of The Tribe.

Skills: Parkour, Freerunning, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Martial Arts, Stage Fighting, Capoeira, Motorcycle (advanced but not stunts), Horseback Riding (advanced), Swimming, Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Snowboarding, BMX Freestyle, Minor Stunts and falls, Survivalist, Ninja Warrior, MovNat certified, CrossFit Level II Certified, CPR and First Aid Certified.


Winnie is our mascot and can usually be found encouraging all of our clients to be their absolute best.